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Personal Branding is a relatively new concept which has been brought to the forefront as a result of our fast-changing world. This is evident in our present global economic situation combined with the rise of technology in robotics and our current era of readily available ‘information and knowledge’. This in itself indicates how the future employment landscape for ordinary people like you and I will be drastically affected.

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Beautiful Life

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telephone: 083 299 1240

e-mail: beautifullife@iburst.co.za

My studio is on
Platina Street
Jukskeipark/ Douglasdale

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Personal Branding is all about knowing your unique values, identifying the numerous skills, talents and gifts that each one of us has readily available to us. It invites us to start using our inherent intelligence and tap into our perfectly designed creative minds. In other words, we start to live life inspired from within, take charge of our destiny and do not become victims to ‘outside’ worldly circumstances.