About Me

My Story...

From a very young age I was always intrigued by well-dressed, beautifully groomed people.  Noticing the effect that this had on others, sparked a desire in me to better understand human nature and people’s behaviour.

As a result of my inherent love of and interest in people, I have managed to incorporate my personal life-experience, self-development and personal growth achievements into my services as an Image Consultant, Beauty Therapist and Personal Brand Coach.

I was privileged to be a student at Colourworks Int.- Image Consultant Academy, through which I became qualified in all aspects of Image and Etiquette Coaching.  It was during the years that I owned a hair and beauty salon and also a slimming clinic, that  I came to realise how women in general are lacking in self-worth and are victims of poor self-image.

This has empowered me to share my knowledge and help others gain self-appreciation and confidence, to live a life of purpose and be inspired from within.